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MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) based on Structured Query Language (SQL), the most popular language.

Code-Ark 2.0

Code-Ark 2.0

Few months back I started a small project for a client of mine. He wanted a custom PHP framework, for his application to run on, hence the birth of Code-Ark….


Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2017

A Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2017 to all. First of all I want to thank you Firefly for lending me this beautiful image. Please check her blog, she…

mysql join and inner join

MySQL Join and Inner Join

OK now, let’s talk about joins. A SQL join combines columns from two or more tables in a single result set. You see MySQL is a relational database, and too…

MySQL Important Configuration Options

MySQL Important Configuration Options

We want to setup the MySQL Server in such a way, that at least it doesn’t give us nasty surprises, which it would if we use it as it come…

MySQL Configuration File

MySQL Configuration File

The mysql configuration file is a special text file that is read by each of the mysql programs on launch to see whether there are any startup directives that applies…

mysql server startup options

MySQL Server Startup Options

In order to properly setup our server we need to know what options are available, what those options do and how to specify them. There are literally hundreds of such…

MySQL Server Configuration

Configuring the mysql server is a very important part of using mysql, but it is generally the responsibly of the data base administrator (they do the mysql server configuration). Still…

database index

Database Index

In This lesion we’ll briefly define the concept and use of an index. An index is an additional feature that we add to a table to help us use that…

Database Design in a Nutshell

Database design is a very extensive subject and I intent to build an entire course on that, but we need to understand at least a few basic things about database…

Tables, Columns and Rows

Tables, Columns and Rows

We can’t get too far in talking about any database management systems without discussing the concept of a table. And the constituent parts of table called columns and rows. So…